E-Sports to Make Debut at AC

Written by: Hayden Carpenter

Esports is a form of online gaming where multiple players compete to see who’s team or a specific player, is better than the other. The types of games in these competitions could include things like battle royal games such as Fortnite and Apex Legends. These games would include large groups of people running around a virtual map and defeating their opponents online until there is only one member left standing. There are also online card games such as Hearthstone or Magic the Gathering: Arena, in which the teams would use strategy and in-depth knowledge of the game itself to beat the other team in an animated and intense card game. There can even be online game competitions where players are participating in sports you can do in real life. They could be playing on a soccer or football team or running around in a virtual game of basketball.

Esports opens up competitive sports to many people who might not be able to participate in traditional sports. This opens a new avenue for people who wish they were able to play on sports teams but do not wish to run drills or swim laps for hours on end. Instead, these people get to play in a room with their friends and enjoy participating in something they truly love. 

Adrian College has joined the ranks of schools that have added esports to their athletic departments.AC Athletic Director Michael Duffy said he hopes the new AC esports team will eventually reach 60-70 players as the program unfolds. Duffy states”I hope we run several different games,” 

Duffy went on to explain that Adrian College will be converting the Valade Art Gallery in the Shipman Library into a gaming lounge area complete with its own office for the team’s coach. He said that once the program is up and running, AC will likely compete against Defiance College, Lourdes University, Marietta College, University of Mount Union, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Muskingum University, Ohio Northern University, Tiffin University, and Trine University. Duffy said, “All competitions will be run from the new Esports Room but we could travel to another school.”

Not only did Adrian College add an E-sports team, but Adrian also added an E-sport minor. When asked “This is a great and exciting time to add the esports program,” Duffy said.  “The passing of the E-sport minor fits right in with the academic direction of Adrian College. Esports is one of the fastest-growing activities out there at this time.”  

Sports typically encompasses anything from football to figure-skating to gymnastics. Society sees sports as an overarching experience available on television or in person, watching players show off their skills and passion for the games they play. Esports is one such sport. The only difference is the competitors are in front of gaming screens rather than on a field. 

“We are looking forward to competing on the national level and across the country in this exciting new program,” Duffy said.  “The great thing about it is that we can do it right here from campus.” 

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