No-Harmony: Dating in the Pandemic

Written by: Kaitlin Parisi & Kylee Doty

Dating as defined in the Urban Dictionary “is where two people who are attracted to each other spend time together to see if they also can stand to be around each other most of the time, if this is successful they develop a relationship.”

While this may seem somewhat obtainable, it is easier said than done. Not to mention we are currently in a pandemic that requires us to stay six feet from one another, while also wearing masks that hide our mouth and nose. It is nearly impossible to go on a date with someone and not hug, or even share a kiss. Not only is dating based on compatibility in personalities, but for some physical touch plays a role as well. Finally, at the risk of sounding shallow, how can you tell if someone is attractive when you can’t see their face? 

It’s also important to bring up the point that dating in general isn’t easy, let alone during a pandemic. It’s an interesting time to be single in your 20s. Many of the experiences people wish to have are being held off by COVID. Dating is weird, parties aren’t allowed, and you have to ask for permission before you hug, or even high-five. While not necessarily a bad thing (we can’t do much about it, anyway) it’s important to realize that it is different, and it’s okay to feel like you’re out of place in this time. 

Speaking from experience, dating in a pandemic sucks. Especially if you are meeting this person online, which is how most people are doing it these days. You don’t know who they have been around, if they have been exposed to COVID, or their hygiene habits. On top of all that, awkward questions are brought up: Are you comfortable with or without your facemask? Is hand-holding okay?

Additionally, quarantine has made everyone lonely and bored, which can lead to the exchange of some risky messages (you decide what that means). While talking with a group of friends, it was mentioned that many people used this time to slide into others’ DM’s because they knew nothing was going to happen. So why not? 

Adapting to dating in a pandemic has really defined what the new “normal” will be like. It is also showing us how to navigate a common process in an unpredictable society. Regardless of your dating circumstance, remember you are not alone. Most people that are living the single life are in the same shoes just trying to find that “special” someone to shack up with during these crazy times. 

Advice from us: Good luck and be safe. If the person/people you’re seeing are trash please remember that there are (probably) some people out there who aren’t.

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