College World Seniors Look Back at College Career

As the spring semester is well underway, the seniors at The College World have reflected upon their last seven semesters at Adrian College. Below is a culmination of our thoughts as we head into the final semester of our undergraduate careers. Whether accounts of our time with The College World or our college experience as a whole, we hope you can learn from our individual journeys as you progress throughout your own unique educational path. 


MacBeth Takes Over the Stage

The show on Thursday, April 7, 2022, at Downs Hall took on some hot topics but the execution was excellent. Before the show even started you could tell that it was going to be a good one with the layout and some more traditional Scottish songs playing. The production happened in a theater in the round where the audience sat around the stage and could be viewed from all angles. Once the show started it took off and kept going!

Rowdy Rodents Run Wild on Campus

It’s the start of a chilly Spring semester here at Adrian College, and no one on campus is more excited to see you than your very own Adrian campus squirrels! Though many college campuses boast about their squirrels, there is something particularly remarkable about the erratic, strange, and sometimes violent nature of these spectacular local critters that we get to call our own.