1 Year of COVID-19

On Mar. 12, 2020, the campus of Adrian College was greeted with an email.  A new virus, called COVID-19, had spread across the state of Michigan and made its way to Adrian. To combat this contagious disease, the AC administration decided to postpone in-person classes until March 30. This marked the beginning of the new …

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Balancing Motherhood and a Career

Written By: Kaitlin Parisi Balancing motherhood and a full-time career is no easy task, especially during a pandemic. Dr. Christy Mesaros-Winckles and Dr. Michelle Beechler are two extraordinary strong women, each balancing their work life and home life during a pandemic. Dr. Christy recently had a boy, Harvey Andrew Winckles, and took maternity leave this …

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Views on the Mall: The Riot at the Capitol

Written by: Abigail Wise and Helena Mazzarella On the evening of January 6, citizens of the United States violently attacked the Capitol building in response to the 2020 election results. We asked students on campus their thoughts about this recent historic event.  “It was ridiculous. I don’t know, I know that I don’t agree with …

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