Tea Time: Senior Graduation

Written by Kaitlin Parisi The water is hot and the tea is brewing. Here is some spice and everything not so nice about a COVID-19 graduation.  In the past few days gossip has been spreading like wildfire about graduation. What is true and what is just a rumor? Recently, many credible sources have stated that …

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Views on the Mall: The Riot at the Capitol

Written by: Abigail Wise and Helena Mazzarella On the evening of January 6, citizens of the United States violently attacked the Capitol building in response to the 2020 election results. We asked students on campus their thoughts about this recent historic event.  “It was ridiculous. I don’t know, I know that I don’t agree with …

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Corn Hole at Adrian College

Written by: Opinion's Editor Abigail Wise Intramural corn hole has taken over Adrian College’s campus. With COVID-19 still a worry of the administration and athletics departments, no other intramural sports are taking place. Corn hole is an easy intramural event to incorporate social distancing, masks, and having events outdoors. Kevin Lamont is a sophomore at …

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