Dr. Phillip Howe: The Smartest Man in the Room

Dr. Philip Howe, Adrian College Political Science Department Chair, has mastered the art of politics. He has spent his life conducting research in comparative politics, traveling Central and Eastern Europe, and formulating a name for himself in the political science world. However, the road to finding his passion was less than smooth.


The Silent Survivors of Adrian College

Written By: Catherine Weddle * Names have been changed to protect the identity of our sources (Amanda Smith, Emily White, John Davis) The end of fall semester was coming and the feeling of Christmas spirit was right round the corner. Amanda Smith* and her teammates prepared for a fun night out at one of Adrian’s …

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Adrian College Has A Healthy Start to the Semester

Written By: Catherine Weddle Nearly two years ago, students and faculty of Adrian College were given the news that COVID-19 wasn’t just a rumor. Classes were moved online indefinitely, and it seemed no one had any real answers to when life would be normal again. Although struggles and losses of COVID-19 still surround the world, …

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