Learn, Adapt, Overcome: ACTV’s Success Amidst an Unpredictable Time

Written by: Bailey Mruzik

ACTV has broadcasted a record number of streams and completely revamped its program since Gabriel Schray, 2018 graduate, took the reigns. The program broadcasts more than 350 television streams annually, more than 200 games on the Adrian Sports Network and covers 45 athletic teams at Adrian. Along with setting records, the ACTV team has done a number of other things such as broadcasting speakers, providing coverage of school events, and keeping the campus updated with news releases.

For health and safety reasons, this school year ACTV had to adapt and make changes. For Gabriel Schray and the ACTV crew, that doesn’t mean it has come to a stop or even slowed down production in other areas. ACTV has also added a weekly news broadcast, “Bulldog Bulletin” to its array of streams. This allows employees to earn campus employment hours as well as give them exposure to another genre of daily entertainment. “Bulldog Bulletin”  broadcasts every Thursday live at 6pm on the Adrian College Television Facebook page.

Temperature checks, wearing masks on air, and social distancing in the press box are common protocol this year for the Adrian College Television crew. Although, the team is still adamant about broadcasting bulldog sports to its loyal fans. With Adrian sports playing on and limited fans allowed, providing a quality broadcast is more important now than ever. 

Sporting events may not be as plentiful as they usually are, ACTV student director Matthew Kibby states “The team still plans to broadcast streams with the highest content value possible. No matter what is thrown at ACTV, our goal is to provide the best quality stream for teams and fans of Adrian College.”. Kibby goes on to say,  “We have the best staff in the world, and we are adjusting to make sure that our content is the best in the MIAA and NCAA Division 3, We have done a great job so far and will continue to do a great job.”.
To learn more about ACTV and its changes, you can visit the program’s website at https://adriancollege.tv/


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