Adrian College Begins Mahan Renovations

Exciting news coming to campus as renovations for the Mahan building are underway. Mahan is the Center of Art and Interior Design that has many amazing aspects that not many people know about. The renovation is a very exciting project for AC and something that has actually been in the works since 2010.

Main Star of the Show, Russell Dickerson Performs At the Adrian College Spring Concert 

The Adrian College Spring Concert happened Friday 18, 2022 in the Blue Gym in Merillat Fitness Sports Center, on campus. Featured in the concert were; Carter Faith, a beginning southern country musician; After Midtown, another beginning but northern country group; and the main star of the concert, Russel Dickerson.

How the AC Alert System Keeps the Campus Safe

Written By: Karlie Acord Although Adrian College is a small campus, there is a large student body that is always scattered across the multiple facilities. In order to keep everyone safe, the college implemented the AC Alert system in October  2013. Since its implementation, the alerts have notified students and faculty of the various situations …

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