Intramural Sports Can Improve Overall Well-Being

Are you trying to escape your school related stressors? By assembling a team to participate in intramural sports, students can increase their endorphins, which in turn will improve your mental and physical health.

 Picture this, it’s Sunday afternoon and you have been doing schoolwork all day. A break is well deserved. Participating in a competitive activity, whether that’s football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, cornhole, or even euchre, can boost your endorphins. High endorphins will help relieve pain, improve your overall well-being, and even reduce stress accumulated throughout the week.

 Andrew Etherington, the Head Supervisor of Intramural Sports at Adrian College, said, “it’s always fun to see people get competitive and do their best against other teams.” Whether groups are made up of a sports team or fraternity on campus, students come together to conquer their competitive high.

 Senior Jordan Krucek attends Adrian College’s intramural sports regularly. “I’ve always been an athlete, and I like to apply myself in any sport I can,” Krucek said. Students have shown frequent interest, and “I constantly get asked questions about when the next sport is,” Etherington said.

 The combative drive within the students can range depending on the sport being played. Some consider the outcome to correlate to their future success, where others find gratification in the game alone.

 For three years, Etherington has managed Intramural Sports, and he finds handling arguments to be the toughest part of his position. Competition seems to get in the way of the rules set, which “foster fun, safe, and competitive play,” Etherington said.

 The diverse intramural sports list at Adrian College allows students to choose an activity that fits their aspirations. Having euchre and cornhole, students can be competitive where less testosterone is being radiated.

 Outside of the groups participating, you may see a small fan base cheering on their committed peers. “Just like any sport, people want their favorite team to win,” Etherington said. Such support will increase the interest in intramurals on Adrian College’s campus.

 Aside from being involved on campus, joining intramurals can allow students to create memories among students and athletes. “My favorite memory in IM’s was when my team won the dodgeball championship,” Krucek said.

 Students have the ability to take their minds off academics for an hour which can reduce stress and create joy. Furthermore, such a break will improve mental and physical health in a unique way. Be on the lookout for the next email regarding Intramural Sports, and act fast.


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