Going to PWI as a Minority

 By: Paszionique Kelly

 Going to a PWI as a Minority is like going into a class in a dream naked and everyone is staring at you.

It’s being the only person of color in your class.

It’s teachers looking at you before talking about anything pertaining to a different race.

It’s getting told that the name you chose for a fictional character isn’t “ Native American” enough      

It’s hearing slurs as you dance at a party because it’s normalized.

It’s being passed up in class to participate.

It’s lonely and depressing.

It makes you question if you are meant to be here.

It’s nights of tears because you are somewhere where everything feels bleak and dark while it is bright and sunny for others.

It is feeling like your race, culture, heritage is important enough to write microaggressions about but not important enough to actually make you feel wanted.

It’s being called “Aggressive” for setting boundaries and speaking out.

It’s expressing not feeling comfortable somewhere and having others gaslight you.

It is feeling helpless when you are screaming for someone to understand you.


It is also having friends that support you and experience the same things as you.

It is bringing spices and food from home to bring comfort.

It is wearing your hair curly and not staying in the box society has put you in.

It is overcoming the oppression and screaming



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