Adrian Students Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Adrian College students were thanking St. Patrick last Thursday when they woke up to sunny, 70 degree weather. One of the warmest days since the start of winter, falling on one of the biggest party holidays of the year, seemed like a gift from the leprechaun gods. 

As the spring semester begins to wrap up, students burn-out, and what better way to cure burnout than a St. Patrick’s Day darty. Students of all grade levels gathered in the College View North parking lot to promote their Irish heritage, or in many cases lack thereof. The lot was filled with an assortment of Irish attire, and in special cases, green body paint.  

Katy Shannon, Adrian College senior and proud Irish woman, says she really appreciated seeing so many students come together to celebrate, and added the great weather made it even better.

“My favorite memory of the day was starting my morning off listening to bagpipes and Irish Rock with Sydney Feekings (senior) and Cody Bratten (senior),” Shannon said. 

After two long years of COVID-19, this St.Patrick’s day was long awaited. Students were able to celebrate without any anxieties or fears. This year’s senior class is the last to experience a full year of college before the pandemic, making it even more special as their undergraduate careers close. 

“I just love interacting with people, and love how people are out and about,” Trey Matthews, Adrian College senior, said. “That’s just my favorite thing to do on St. Patrick’s day. Wear green, act like we are Irish for one day and have fun.”

St. Patrick’s Day was not always just flashy parades and pints of beer. The version of the holiday we celebrate now is thanks to the influence of Irish Immigrants in America. Once big cities like Boston and New York City began holding parades, the holiday quickly gained traction. Centuries later, Irish and non-Irish people alike count the days until Mar. 17, and forget to count their beers once it has arrived.

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