Main Star of the Show, Russell Dickerson Performs At the Adrian College Spring Concert 

The Adrian College Spring Concert happened Friday 18, 2022 in the Blue Gym in Merillat Fitness Sports Center, on campus. Featured in the concert were; Carter Faith, a beginning southern country musician; After Midtown, another beginning but northern country group; and the main star of the concert, Russel Dickerson. With the doors opening at 7p.m., students, alumni, faculty, and the general public flooded into the building to get out of the rain and into the concert venue. The crowd pushed towards the stage, everyone trying to get the best view at the standing event, with a few staying to the edges of the space. 

At approximately 7:30p.m. Carter Faith came onstage and started the show with her song, Leaving Tennessee. Not even a minute into the song, people had pulled out their phone flashlights and started waving them to the beat. As a single artist, she played her guitar beautifully, which accompanied her smooth southern voice well. She followed up with songs that matched the first song in style but varied her energy and tempo throughout. Before we knew it half an hour had passed and it was time to move onto the next group.

The next group, an amazing new band who’s two leads met in 2019, started their performance off with a lightshow and their song Raise One Two It. It was definitely a change of pace with their songs but the crowd was cheering them on. After Midtown’s style is definitely more of a rock/pop country style. It’s typically something that isn’t thought of when you think country, but they played it well. Their performance lasted just under an hour with them performing “old” releases, new releases and some songs that are either still in the making or haven’t been released yet. 

As for the main star of the show, Russel Dickerson was welcomed with screams, shouts, and loud cheers. He came in with the smoke and left with a party. Everyone seemed to forget that their feet hurt. Some people tried pushing their way to the front just to get closer to him. Some girls even got on their boyfriends shoulders just to see him better while some guys got themselves carried up closer to the front by the audience’s hands. Throughout the rest of the night, Dickerson performed a multitude of styles, some more energetic, and some more relaxed. He even performed a few slow songs that lead to nearly every couple slow-dancing too. Dickerson ended the show with a huge party playing a ton of well known party songs.

The night ended with moods raises, hurting feet that didn’t matter, and positive chatters amongst everyone. People crowded to get some merch and head out into the rain. This definitely was a night to remember by students and the general public alike. 


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