Random Acts of Kindness

During the month of October, Adrian College’s Softball team participated in Random Acts of Kindness. This is where they spent the whole month performing random act of kindness for others. The random acts ranged between setting out a bowl of candy in the library for students to leaving out quarters by the washers and dryers for laundry. The team wanted to give back to the community and the fellow students here on campus.

“I saw something on social media that sparked my interest in participating as a team.  As a team, we always talk about the softball program being something bigger than ourselves and I felt that this was the best way to help demonstrate that. I think it’s important because everyone bought into the task. They went above and beyond expectations and truly found joy in giving back. Some of our community members aren’t as fortunate as we are here at AC and these small acts show our support and love for the community.” said Head Coach Ashley Marinacci.

Each member of the team had their own day to enact in their own RAK. Each day there was a new random act and they never repeated any of the acts. This made it special to each person and to get creative.

“I chose to write a letter to a soldier. I chose this random act because I wanted to make a difference in someone’s day. There are so many men and women out there serving our country, risking their lives for our protection, while family members are at home worrying about them. I wanted to take the time to show them some appreciation and gratitude for the work and bravery they endure everyday.”  said Sophomore Emily Baldus.

While coming up with creative ideas, the team reflected on why they were participating in the event. They collectively agreed that a small act of kindness can really make an impact for anyone.

“Random acts of kindness are contagious and if one person helps out than the chain continues and multiplies. Easily spreading lots of kindness throughout the world. Everyone should participate, you do not have to be rich or well off to make someone’s day. Small gestures like giving a compliment can brighten someone’s mood. Seeing our team complete an act of kindness each day for a month brought a lot of joy and anticipation to everyone on the team. Random acts of kindness are not big changes but it’s the little acts that create a big positive change in the world.” said Senior Krista Lynch.

There can be any moment in a day to easily give back with a random act of kindness. Other examples could be; baking a friend some cookies, taping a dollar to a vending machine, or even leaving small notes of inspiration or encouragement for others to find. AC Softball encourages you to participate in random acts of kindness as well. There are endless opportunities to give back in small or large ways, that can both make an ever lasting impact to someone.

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