Finishing touches for the Women’s basketball season

With their second to last game, our Lady Bulldogs matched up against nationally ranked number 10 Hope College on the AC court for another win toward a March Madness journey.

Hope beat Adrian 78-52 in the “Pink Out” game Feb. 14.

I was able to attend the game with my good friend Mitchell Lindsay and watched as they played. In the first quarter of regulation, Hope was ahead, 10-27. I watched as Hope’s Kenedy Schoonveld landed a stellar last-second bucket to end the quarter. Schoonveld had 4 points while fellow teammate, Francesca Buchanan made 10 points in the first quarter.

The Bulldogs had some catching up to do. Bulldog freshman Ashley Davis finished the quarter with 4 points.

Adrian pushed back against Hope in the second quarter. Davis still led the team with 4 more points and a spectacular layup toward the end, but at halftime, the Dutch were ahead, 45-21.  

Davis finished with 14 points in the game, Sha’Trice Graves and Emily Somerville had 9 points apiece while Rachel Bucher contributed 8 points. well.

The loss puts the Bulldogs at 9-15, and 5-10 in the MIAA Conference. This will potentially put the Bulldogs at a higher seed, giving them a harder chance for the MIAA Conference championship tournament for a bid in the D3 NCAA March Madness bracket.

The last game of the regular season was against Alma college. The Lady Bulldogs had another tough going where Alma started off strong up 18-10 to the Bulldogs. Adrians Ashley Morris kept the Bulldogs in it with half of the points coming from her in the first quarter.

Morris and Sha’Trice Graves both kept it going in the first half for the Bulldogs, following Alma as they were up 30-20. Almas Madeline Barnauskas and Oretha Humphries led their team in points. The second half was a struggle as Alma won 64-51. Rachel Bucher came out with 9 points in the fourth quarter to try to get the Bulldogs back in the game. Addison Bergman, off the bench, scored 6 points in the fourth quarter.

This will put the Bulldogs 9-16 overall, 5-11 in the MIAA conference.

The Bulldogs did not get a bid into the Conference tournament, as they took the top six in the conference, Adrian was eighth seed. Trine won first seed as they led the conference. The MIAA conference championships was Trine and Hope, as they went into two overtimes, Trine won the championships 70-65 (2OT).

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