Adrian Men’s NCAA Hockey Looks Forward To Playoffs

The scene at Arrington Ice Arena is quiet. Slowly, it fills up with people of all types in the bleachers and in counter seats at the restaurant that overlooks the ice. After sixty minutes, there is a deafening horn and both teams skate on the ice, ready to take the other on.

This is the scene that has set up every game during Adrian’s phenomenal NCAA Men’s Hockey season this year. Under team captain Matt Eller and Coach Adam Krug, the #1 ranked Adrian College NCAA Men’s Hockey have a 24-1 overall win record, with their only loss being early in the season to the #3 ranked Utica College despite being placed consistently against highly ranked teams in their game schedule. 

Led by leading scorers Alessio Luciani, Ty Enns and Rex Moe, Adrian’s hockey team has averaged 6 goals per game, getting at least 6 goals in 15 of their games played. The team has also been successful in holding their opponents to an average of 2 goals per game. In total, Adrian has scored 151 goals this season as opposed to 49 their opponents have scored, has 265 assists in comparison to the 73 their opponents have, and has a higher number of attempted goals.

Many of the members of the team have noticed an exceptionally friendly group dynamic forming between all of the players. According to Eller, the team has focused on building a good offense that focuses on each player stepping into sometimes unglamorous roles that will keep them pushing their opponents and scoring points.

“The guys love each other. Everybody’s hanging out outside the rink, we do things for each other, we sacrifice for each other, and I really think that’s been the difference this year,” Eller says. 

Eller hopes that he will be able to guide the team to his first NCAA championship after two years of COVID slowing the season down.

Beyond forming a positive group dynamic, the team has put in hours of hard work and years of experience into being able to have a season like this.

“It’s everyday, from the summer on, what they were doing in the off-season, it pays off. Their hard work in the weight room, on the ice, off the ice, taking care of their business in the classroom and not screwing off on Thursday nights- they’re a very mature group and it starts with the work ethic,” Krug says. 

This season, Krug, a former Adrian College hockey player himself, passed his former coach, John Fogerty, in career wins.

After winning the Peters Cup in a 6-2 game last Friday against St. Norbert College, Adrian is now looking towards the NCAA Division III playoffs, and the Harris Cup championship, which will be held the weekend of March 4-6.

“We want to put together a national championship caliber team every year, and we want to win this school’s first team national championship,” Krug says

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