Manifest the Runway: a Review

The Manifest the Runway Fashion Show was a magical night filled with beautiful looks, hardworking students and a great soundtrack during the show. The Fashion Department of Adrian College hosted a fashion show on Tuesday, Apr. 11th that featured student models and stylists. 

The show was hosted in the Adrian Tobias Center with plenty of seating surrounding the runway. There were huge speakers in the back of the room which made for an exciting environment. Around the perimeter of the room, the department displayed mood boards that were created by students during their courses this semester, and there were copies of Manifest Magazine available for purchase. 

The runway was opened by a creative student, Josh Light, wearing a sequin vest and leather pants; it was a show stopping moment that truly left the audience feeling appalled. “It was such a great experience, and I am very thankful for the opportunity! I got to enjoy both my passion for modeling, while being able to do it with my close friends and peers” Light said. 

The students behind the show should truly feel proud of the success of the event. A stylist from the show, Emily McGeorge, said, “I am extremely proud of the fashion department, the models, and everyone involved with the 2023 AC Fashion Department Runway: Manifest. I truly think that the outfits presented within this event will help inspire students to manifest their own unique styles. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the fashion department.” During the show, there was a donation box, where Professor Vincent Yu will put the funds towards the creation of next year’s show or magazine.  

Yu spent a lot of time during and after the show, reflecting on the experience. He said, “I’m so glad to see how everything came together. Although it was a bit chaotic beforehand, overall the event was spectacular. It was just wonderful to see the models walk down with curated styles; they all got such excellent responses from the crowd.” 

To find photos of the show and stay up to date on all things related to the fashion department, follow @acfashiondepartment on Instagram.


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