Bidding Adrian College Farewell

Like many of us here at The College World, retired Professor and The College World advisor Renee Collins was my sole influence on joining this publication. Before I began as a Staff Writer for The College World, I was an exact replica of the stereotypical lost and confused underclassman. To put it simply and a bit bluntly, I had no idea what I was doing in every aspect of my life: my major, athletics, future career, etc. 

Thankfully, however, I found myself in JRNL238: Introduction to Journalism with Professor Collins. There, in Valade 205 from 1:00-2:15 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday, I was, as the course title descriptively explains, introduced to journalism. And, with a little handholding and forceful suggesting, which came in the form of love and encouragement, it was there that Professor Collins persuaded me to join The College World. I credit this publication and all those involved throughout my three years here in helping me grow into the much less lost, far more confident person I have become. 

However, the theme of growth and confidence spans far greater than myself. Our current publication is a continuation of the hard work and dedication of those who have contributed to The College World in the years prior. I am grateful—and continuously inspired by—all those who have played a part in helping The College World become the success it is today, especially the editors who have come before me throughout my time with the publication: Karlie Acord, Gage Dansby and Emma Harbaugh. During my three years working at The College World, I have held three different positions. From Staff Writer, Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief, however, one constant has been the way in which each group of writers and editors have supported and encouraged each other. This publication thrives from those within it. 

At The College World, we have shared our passions and helped each other reach both our individual and collective goals. Although a relatively small (but mighty) team of writers, we have been able to publish weekly stories that are important to us and of interest to the Adrian College community, with Professor Kate Mitchell now leading the way. 

Within the pages of this publication, you will find just a small selection of some of the work we have produced throughout the entire 2022-2023 academic year. At the beginning of the year, we made it a goal to tackle more challenging and complex stories— stories that take a greater amount of research and planning than recaps of various sporting events. As a school that values athletics and its student-athletes, those stories have always dominated our publication; however, we thought it was essential to expand our reporting this year. 

There is so much happening in our world beyond Adrian College. Collectively, we at The College World decided it was crucial to incorporate these events into our reporting. My generation is informed, passionate, and ready to use our voices to write about the events that have consumed the majority of our lives. I strongly believe in journalism’s equalizing ability to educate and empower each member of society, and I am thankful to have played an extremely small role in a much larger system.

Upon reflecting on our published works this year, I am proud of the way in which we approached these unique stories. I am positive that you will see our publication’s transformation and growth in the proceeding pages. 

That being said, I am confident in The College World’s future growth and success with my close friend, classmate and Writing Center colleague, Chancey Boyce, as next year’s Editor-in-Chief. While my own chapter as Editor-in-Chief has come to a close, I’m excited to transition into my newest position within The College World: an avid reader and online subscriber. 

Thank you, 

Helena Mazzarella

Editor-in-Chief of The College World

Adrian College Class of 2023


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