Meet Ryan Cuddy

The student spotlight is being put on Adrian College’s Ryan Cuddy. Cuddy is currently a senior here and studying broadcasting with a minor in journalism. Cuddy found himself at Adrian with a drive for tennis and an interest in the communications department here. 

During his time here, he has not only received a four-year education, but he also gained a lot of experience in the field of broadcasting. He has been a member of the tennis team for the last four years. On top of that, he has also worked at ACTV during his college years in order to gain necessary experiences. 

Cuddy is a very busy man as he has also been a part of the fraternity Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), SAAC, and College World throughout the last four years. Through these different organizations, he has gained a lot of experience, knowledge, responsibility and memories that will take him far after his time is done here at AC. 

He shared that his overall favorite memories of college are traveling to Orlando with his team for spring break every year. Immediately post-graduation, he is looking to get a job with a summer baseball team. Then, he is hoping to build up his reel  then and try to advance his career in broadcasting further. 

One thing he wishes he would’ve completed during his time here is create a radio show of his own. Cuddy has some advice for incoming freshmen in the future, “Stay on top of your work and don’t fall behind or become good at procrastination. Especially if you’re a communication or broadcasting major, projects in this field can easily pile up depending on what classes you take, so making sure your work and everything is completed and not pushed off until the last minute is huge.”


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