Adrian College clubs and fun

Adrian College is full of clubs to join for everybody that get them involved on campus and with the community. These clubs give students the opportunity to meet new people, gain incredible experience in different fields and even potentially boost future resumes. 

One of these clubs on campus is the Sports Management Club and Society. This club allows students to gain experience working in the sports world. Great opportunities and fun field trips to major sporting events are just some of the highlights of being a part of this club. This past Super Bowl was the second trip for the club in just the second semester alone. The club has also taken a trip out to the NHL All Star game as well as the NCAA Football national championship in the first semester. These trips are becoming a regular occurrence for the club, with previously making trips out to this year’s College Football National Championship, as well as last year’s College Football National Championship and Super Bowl. 

These trips aren’t just for leisure, as the Sports Management Club does put in work while at these games, while also getting to enjoy the spectacles that are going on. “We help run a lot of the fan experience activities, sometimes we even work game day wherever we are needed,” said senior member of the club Joey Quigley. Fundraising is strongly needed for the club to take these trips. Quigley adds that it takes four to five fundraising events per trip that the club makes. This hard work helps set up the students in the club to enjoy trips of a lifetime. Quigley mentions that this year’s Super Bowl was his favorite trip he’s taken, not just because of the group that he got to work with, but because of the event that he got to work. “Probably a once in a lifetime opportunity” added Quigley. Aside from the trips that the club makes, guest speakers and networking opportunities with people in the sports industry are what come as a part of the club as well.

Adrian College PRush is another club that does so much for the campus and community. Founded in 2021, Prush is a student run PR firm at Adrian College and operates as a one-credit course in both the fall and spring semesters. “It’s part of our Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter and is a chance for the PR students or really anyone interested in PR projects a chance to work with real clients,” said Dr. Christy Mesaros-Winckles, the head of PRush. In PRush’s short existence, they’ve already worked with “the city of Adrian, different academic departments on campus, and this semester we are helping Adrian Public Schools develop a social media strategy for the district,” said Winckles. 

All students, regardless of major are encouraged to join PRush and try to help make a difference in their community. Many different skill sets are needed for PRush, as students from business and graphic design backgrounds have been apart of the team and worked on projects. The idea of PRush came to Winckles mind when she was thinking that many larger schools have student run firms as part of their curriculum, and she thought, “why not here?” “We may be small, but we have so many nonprofits in the area that can use a bit of help with PR projects, and it’s a great way to give back to the community and give students a chance to build their resumes.” said Winckles You can keep up to date with everything that Adrian College PRush is doing on their website,which is run by their students, at

From working at Super Bowls to making a difference in the community, clubs on the Adrian College campus offers so many great opportunities. You are sure to find a club that interest you during your time at Adrian College.


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