Girl Talk

I’ve always been lucky to have very strong female role models. Growing up, I had a close bond with my mother and sister, who mean the world to me, and I have always looked up to them because of their strength and abilities. 

My mother and father divorced when I was eight, and I was fortunate enough to watch my mother grow and flourish independently. Seeing this during my childhood truly taught me that I could accomplish anything that I set my mind to. My sister was a very competitive athlete and worked hard day in and day out to deserve the success that she accomplished. She started as a gymnast and ended her athletic career as a college cheerleader. Watching her tirelessly strive for the best, encouraged me to follow the same path and use the same energy that she portrayed. 

Coming to Adrian College, I felt a lot of nerves. I wouldn’t be able to walk across the hallway to have a chat with the role models that I already knew, and I didn’t know if I would be able to find those people in my new chapter. AC is filled with amazing, strong women, and I was lucky to have met a few during my time here that have taught me lessons I will hold with me forever. 

Claire Simpson, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, has educated me on so many things in relation to not only the workforce that I will be entering, but also being a woman in the industry. As the director of the department, Simpson has always had strong communication skills and stands her ground. There is a large gender deficit in the workforce, and it isn’t the most common to see a woman in charge. Simpson shows how deserving she is of the title through her work ethic and positive personality. She has accomplished so much, and I strive to be such a strong, working woman like her. 

Haley Entmaa was a senior at Adrian College when I came in as a freshman, and I was lucky enough for her to become Alpha Phi’s chapter advisor after she graduated. Since then, she has been an amazing role model to me as a powerful woman working in a male-dominated field. She has taught me how to take charge and accomplish the impossible. Entmaa is unbelievably inspiring, and I am lucky enough to have her in my life. 

Because of these strong women that have called Adrian College home, we are able to continue to pave the way toward gender equality. I am thankful for my empowering experience at AC, and I will carry it with me throughout my lifetime. 

In honor of Women’s History Month, it is important that we as individuals become educated on the accomplishments that women have made throughout history. There are many classes offered in the Women and Gender Studies department here at Adrian College, and you can also learn more at


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