Upcoming: Alpha Phi Heart Health Week

The Delta Eta chapter of Alpha Phi is scheduled to host their annual Heart Health Week Feb. 13-17. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Alpha Phi Foundation in support of women’s heart health. 

Each night of the week, members of Alpha Phi will be welcomed to a yoga class, a Galentine’s event and heart health bingo. The chapter will also be hosting two school-wide events, Mr. Alpha Phi and Hoops for Heart. A male pageant, Mr. Alpha Phi, gives students the chance to participate in a walk, interview and talent portion of the event. This will be held on Feb. 15 at 6:30 pm and is such a fun event that is open to all students, with a $5 admission fee. Hoops for Heart is a new event for the chapter this year and is a 3v3 basketball tournament that any student at Adrian College can participate in. 

Delta Eta President Sam McGaughy said, “To me, the Alpha Phi Foundation isn’t just a philanthropy, it is keeping women alive and showing that research done specifically for women’s bodies is important. It is investing in bright futures for women internationally— Alpha Phi’s or otherwise.” McGaughy has spent the last few weeks in partnership with Grace Phillips, Vice President of Health, Wellness and Accountability, and has given as much support as she can. 

Phillips and her department have spent countless hours preparing for the event. They struggled with busy schedules to make the time to come together and plan these events in support of such a cause. They overcame and are so proud of how everything worked out. 

During Phillips’ childhood, her aunt and grandmother faced heart problems, so she is happy to be actively working towards supporting the cause. She said, “I am excited about getting to spend a week with my sisters and make lasting memories! Being a college student is challenging with being constantly faced with difficulties but it is special that Alpha Phi offers the opportunity to have a week of sisterly bonding and reflection on why we are a part of this organization.” 

For anyone who is unable to attend donation events, there will be a GiveSmart link posted on Alpha Phi’s and members’ social media pages to show support.

“I am so unbelievably proud of all of the work this organization puts into educating about heart health, and equally as proud of this chapter for continually supporting the Alpha Phi Foundation. I hope you all stay heart-healthy and hope to see you at Mr. Alpha Phi and our first Hoops for Heart event!” McGaughy said. 


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