Students Learn Valuable Lessons at Adrian College

With final exam week quickly approaching, based on the number of students spotted in Shipman Libray, it is clear that there has been a lot of learning taking place this past semester. While students have advanced their knowledge in their respective subjects and majors, as each semester progresses, they continue to learn more about themselves as well. It is obvious that each student has and will continue to have vastly different experiences throughout their undergraduate and possibly graduate years; however, below is a short list of some of the things students have learned throughout their education at Adrian College thus far. 

Seek On-Campus Employment

By: Jillian Molnar 

Getting an on-campus job at Adrian College is an excellent way to build connections, see just how the heart of hot-spots on campus are run, and make money that can either go straight to paying off tuition, to one’s pocket, or both. It gives students an opportunity to work somewhere familiar, maybe even with some friends, and build leadership skills and management experience. An on-campus job here at Adrian College is a way to be a better Bulldog.

Put Yourself First

By: Armanie Phillips

College has taught me to put myself first. At first, I tended to lack boundaries, and I always spent time with my friends and family because I feared making them upset. Despite how anyone feels, I now do what works best for me, and if people can’t respect that, I won’t allow them around me. I’m now more focused than ever, I get more rest and I spend time with my loved ones when I have time.

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

By: Trinity Reagan

I remember people asking why I chose Adrian, and I would normally have said for skating, but now I have more reasons that I want to be here. Having achieved all these accomplishments in my first year, I got to meet new people from various areas and become close friends with a few of them, which made college exciting to come back to. I developed a better understanding and connection towards what I want to do with my future in the realm of physical therapy, as well as wanting to improve more in my level of skating. Having all these wonderful events around me made my college experience something I had never thought it would be, but I am grateful for how it has been. If I had not decided to jump out of my comfort zone and ended up picking a different college, I am not sure that my experience would have been as amazing as this one. With this all-in mind, I think everyone should learn to jump out of their comfort zone and try new exposures, such as their choice of college. 

Change Is Inevitable, But Hard

By: Lainie Troy

[College students] will never have our childhoods again. While that may sound worse than it is, it is true. I’ve always been someone who is afraid of growing up and starting a life outside the one my parents made for me over the past nineteen years of my life. The Thought process behind this has taught me how to mature and prepared me for how I’m going to live my life as I grow without the physical presence of my best friends— my parents. 


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