Students Illuminate Lack of Streetlights on Campus

“Women don’t feel safe.”

So says Audrey Gray, a junior at Adrian College who lives in the Deans Residence Hall. Gray, in addition to a number of other students at Adrian College, has raised concerns about the lack of streetlights along a number of streets and parking lots on campus. Main areas of concern include the parking lots surrounding the Deans, Herrick, and Cargo Residence Halls and the stretch of road on S. Charles Street between the Merillat Sports and Fitness Center and Wesco Gas Station. These areas on campus are often pitch-black at night.

“As somebody who walks home late at night and sometimes early in the morning, it’s a concern. I don’t feel safe. Somebody could be lurking around that I can’t see,” Gray says.
Gray has voiced her concerns at Adrian’s Student Government Association meetings and plans on reading a letter to college President Jeffrey Docking at the next semesterly meeting of the President’s Advisory Council about those concerns. 

Student Government Association President Taylor Yount feels that the concerns being brought up by Gray and others are valid.

“As of right now, the Student Government Association is looking into possible solutions like fixing the lights we already have or looking for new lights to go in the place of the old ones,” Yount says.

In the Deans parking lot, there are two street lights that are not functional. When asked, previous Resident Advisors in the Residence Halls where street lights are lacking say they do not recall how long the Deans parking lot lights have not been functional.

“Being a young woman walking alone in the dark is a very frightening experience and every night I hope that nothing will happen during my walk,” says junior Ashley Adams. 

“Other women on campus have discussed their similar worries and fears with me and I am glad to hear that our voices are being heard on this issue. My hope is that we can gain some peace of mind with the addition of lighting to the parking lots,” Adams says.

Representatives from Adrian College did not respond for comment.


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