Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

On the campus of Adrian College, there is a large group of students who share their passion for fashion. This is the fashion department that consists mostly of students that are studying business administration with a focus in fashion merchandising. However, there is also the fashion club that works with students that study various things but still express interest in the fashion industry. Currently, the club has a magazine in the works called Manifest that consists of articles, editorials, fashion shoots, and highlight clothing designed by fashion students. The fashion club originated a while ago on campus but sort of died down with the effects of COVID-19. 

However, last year, president, Jayme Hein, and Vice President, Meika Hinkle-DeGroot,  rebranded the fashion club to help plan and promote the Unfinished fashion show in fall 2021. Since then, they have been expanding rapidly and working on much larger projects. Other leadership roles follow by taking responsibility in things such as the magazine, graphic design, styling, journalism, etc. The fashion club partners with the fashion department for many projects such as class fashion shows, listening to different speakers, attending conferences and showrooms in larger cities, and the biggest thing being the current process of creating Manifest. Jayme spoke on some of these, “Yes, these things went very well after all of the hard work was put in. The students involved in this organization have amazing communication skills and really just understand each other, which I think makes it a lot easier to put together these different events and projects.” 

Many students who are not in the fashion department or club have been able to get involved by being models, photographers, writers for the magazine, and consumers of the content. The goal for the future of the club is to truly allow the campus as a whole to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry and make it something worthwhile. Students truly benefit from this organization because it gives them the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the fashion industry with hands-on experience. The student body can also benefit from the organization because it gives them more content to dive deeper into. As a club, they promote sustainable fashion on Adrian College’s campus, and events like the fashion show have helped accomplish this goal. Currently, their focus is to create the content that is included in the magazine, but they are so excited to truly publish it for students to read. The members of this organization are looking forward to this final project being released to the public. If you are interested, anybody is capable of joining the fashion department!


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