Alpha Phi sorority prepares for annual Red Dress Gala

Adrian College’s Alpha Phi sorority will hold its annual Red Dress Gala in the Adrian Tobias Center on Sun, Nov. 13, from 11-2 p.m. The Red Dress Gala is the largest philanthropy event that the Alpha Phi sorority holds every year in support of heart health. All proceeds raised from the event will go towards the Alpha Phi Foundation. The Red Dress Gala is a national event that chapters of Alpha Phi participate in, from the University of Missouri to Yale.

Traditionally, the Red Dress Gala is held as a dinner with family and friends of the sorority sisters invited, with a silent auction and wine pull fundraiser. However, after the Gala was held off for two years because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Alpha Phi has decided that a few changes might be in order to bring back the Red Dress Gala back to the Adrian campus. 

This year, the Red Dress Gala will be held in a brunch style with a variety of speakers who will discuss the importance of heart health and the Alpha Phi Foundation. Speakers will include Alpha Phi’s Chapter Advisor, President Jayme Hein, Vice President of Health, Wellness and Accountability Brooke Terry, and a yet-to-be-announced sister of Alpha Phi who holds the cause of heart health near to her heart. 

“I think the nicest thing about this event is the way that we give a platform to those that are most affected by heart health,” says sophomore Alpha Phi sister Casiana Miller.

Emma Fogarty, a senior in Alpha Phi who is one of the few sisters who has experienced the Red Dress Gala, is excited for its return.

“Our philanthropy is something we are all extremely passionate about and all work hard to advocate for. By having our biggest event be in person again after COVID is something very special,” Fogarty says, “it brings us closer to not just our sisters in the chapter but sisters all over the world.”


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