Laura Francoeur Accepts Greek Life Coordinator Position

Photo from Adrian College for Laura Francoeur’s Headshot

Mr. Miyagi and Daniel, Yoda and Luke Skywalker, Tony Stark and Spider-man, Master Shifu and Po, Cindy Schmucker and Laura Francoeur. All of these duos demonstrate a strong leader with a dedicated student.

As a student at Adrian College, majoring in education, Francoeur worked alongside Schmucker in the Greek Life Office. Francoeur then went on to take a position as a middle school and high school physical education teacher. Two years went by, and “I ended up back here,” Francoeur said.

Her time working for Schmucker was the closest she got to Greek Life at Adrian College. Even though Francoeur was never in a sorority, her ambitions are high, and everyone has noticed. Alpha Tau Omega’s President, Garrett Schermerhorn, said the transition from Schmucker to Francoeur was “seamless.”

The Three Musketeers always say all for one and one for all. Similarly, Francoeur said, “Greek Life is a Greek Community, and we are all part of Greek Life, so I’m trying to get that back,” “we can all do things together.” Her vision is simple, to get fraternities and sororities to be more involved on campus and within the city of Adrian. Schermerhorn said, “the fact that she offered an incentive for Greeks to volunteer is different” and “I’m very excited to see what she can do in this role.”

Anna Montgomery, the Director of Student Life, shares a similar background as Francoeur. Montgomery worked in the Student Life office and then scored a job right after graduating in 2021. Greek Life and Student Life offices work together frequently, and so have Francoeur and Montgomery. From student workers to careers in their departments, “we always got along, and we’ve always worked insanely well together,” Montgomery said.

Since COVID-19, getting students to be more involved in Greek Life has been a hardship. Shedding light on the opportunities students can take part in on campus are goals for Francoeur and Montgomery. Students can follow social media accounts linked to Student Life and Greek Life to understand the benefit and impact the organizations have on the community.

Francoeur verbalizes her excitement and drive to do well in this position and Montgomery agrees, “she is a great human with a ton of fun and exciting ideas, that she cannot wait to bring to our department, to the campus, and to the position,” Montgomery said.

The values that Schmucker instilled in Francoeur will stick with her throughout her career; however, Francoeur wants to build on these values. Communication with the Greeks, the department, and other staff members “is a huge piece of what I think was missing,” Francoeur said.

To see a fresh face as the Greek Life Coordinator, students will experience a new perspective and be able to connect with her ideas easily. The Greek Life community is in good hands under Francoeur’s supervision and can be seen making a difference in a city near you.


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