BeReal takes over the Adrian College campus

The walk through campus has changed just slightly depending on the time of the day. If it’s a busy spot at the perfect time, there are students instantly reaching for their phones and shouting, “it’s time to BeReal!” in order to get their posts uploaded during the given time frame. 

BeReal asks its users at a random point throughout the day to post a photo in that exact time frame, with the purpose of encouraging the world to be more authentic through their social media presence. BeReal functions on the fact that if a specific user does not make a post, then they are unable to view everyone else’s posts.

According to Business of Apps, BeReal has 21.6 million monthly active users, and 2.93 million users are on the application daily. Grace Phillips, a sophomore at Adrian College, is an avid user of the application. “I like how authentic it is. People are taking a picture the moment they get the notification or when they open the app, which stops the addition of filters and time to pose,” she said. 

Many people have thoughts of it just being another social media app that they have to keep up with. Phillips said that she had hesitations before downloading it because she wasn’t sure that it was worth it. Once she downloaded the app, she knew she had made the right choice. BeReal has a different purpose than other social media platforms, but it has similar activities to Snapchat and Instagram, where the whole point is to upload photos for friends and family to view. 

Emma Fogarty, a senior at Adrian College, said “I think it can be fun but when people wait till the most exciting points of their day and constantly just post that it can cause a person to believe they are not doing enough through the day and they do not deserve mental breaks.” She also expressed the fact that people tend to post risky actions in order to receive better reactions. When they receive those reactions, users will continue to post that type of content. 

Phillips said that she sometimes feels pressured to ensure that she is doing something fun when the notification goes off, which defeats the purpose of the application. BeReal has taken over the daily lives of Generation Z, and it can help show the importance of being your true, authentic self. 


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