An Adrian Fashion Student in Chicago

I woke up early on Sunday morning, packed up my car and friends and headed to the train station to travel to Chicago, Illinois. The drive was exciting; full of hopes to experience the thrill of city life. As a fashion student, I looked forward to seeing a new side of the industry and broadening my understanding of what it could be like to explore a new city. 

When we arrived at the train station, it was calm and I was excited for the train ride. Romanticizing everything that would happen over the next few hours. I wanted to be productive while traveling there, imagining that I was on a work trip and filled with the ideals of hustle culture. After writing a paper, reading for class, etc. we finally arrived at Union Station. There was an entirely new hustle and bustle to the air in Chicago. People were frantically trying to make it to where they needed to be. 

We finally arrived at the hotel and knowing that we were done with travel, I was ready to thrive in a place I always thought I belonged. After seeing the view of the skyscrapers from our hotel room, I fell in love with the big city vibes. We changed into our dinner clothes in a rush, and of course headed to Giordano’s to get a taste of the famous deep dish pizza. The air was brisk, but I was so appreciative of the weather of the windy city at that moment. 

The next morning, we woke up as the sun rises through our hotel windows and we are eager to start the day. After breakfast and exploring the city, we headed to the Merchandise Mart to attend the StyleMax market. After exiting the uber, we walked into the most beautiful building filled with amazing clothing, swarming with boutique owners waiting to make a wholesale purchase. I was eager to meet new people and pick brains in order to learn more about all of the opportunities in the industry. The aesthetic was amazing. There were so many spots for the perfect photo, so many wholesalers that were just my vibe and so many people to speak with. 

Seeing all of the different styles was like walking through my Pinterest feed in real life. I caught myself planning new looks in my head. After leaving StyleMax, I felt inspired to be amazing and I couldn’t wait to graduate so I could be like them. It was so encouraging to see that there are so many ways to be successful, and there is something that adhered to everyone’s interests. As we walked to lunch, I thought about how wholesome the moment was, and I sat with my gratefulness for opportunities like this. The fashion department at Adrian has helped me grow so much.

The train ride home was long and dreary. It was dark, and it allowed thoughts of assignments, classes and work to flow through my head again. However, I still left in awe and promised myself that I would remember the last two days, no matter how much life gets in the way. I feel changed after going to the market.

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