Rowdy Rodents Run Wild on Campus

It’s the start of a chilly Spring semester here at Adrian College, and no one on campus is more excited to see you than your very own Adrian campus squirrels! Though many college campuses boast about their squirrels, there is something particularly remarkable about the erratic, strange, and sometimes violent nature of these spectacular local critters that we get to call our own.

One such example is the half tailed squirrel that Freshman Logan Pennock reports “lost its tail in a fight.” Junior George King even had a name for the one tailed maniac: “Chow Chow.” The squirrel received his name after being fed nearly a whole bag of puppy chow by the student during quarantine last year. Sophomore Steven Posa, though, disagreed with the name George King provided for the squirrel, insisting its name was “Stumpy.”  

Regardless of its name, the little guy’s ability to survive both an entire bag of chocolate puppy chow (although poisonous to squirrels) as well as a brutal death battle against its own kind just goes to show the hardy, scrappy nature of the Adrian squirrel. 

Senior Spencer Williams even stated this when asked about our furry friends: “I’m afraid of the squirrels, I’ve had them lunge at me on several occasions- they’re psychotic.” Notable as well is the submission of the photo of the aptly named “Dryer Squirrel”  that was found in the dryer at the Cornelius House on campus and photographed by Senior Lance Berry. How he got in there is completely unknown and for the most part, quite confounding 

The only thing more renowned about the Adrian squirrels than their general strangeness is their immense appetite. Though french fries and quesadillas are personal favorites of the little guys, they are pretty well apt to eat any of the sub-par grub that Ritchie or Caine happen to put out on a given day. Sophomore Andrew Etherington provided several videos of himself feeding french fries to one particular squirrel and Sophomore Patrick Lefere submitted a picture of a squirrel eating his friend’s sandwich. Everyone, it seems, has fed one of the voracious eaters at one point or another. 

The squirrels on this campus are really unlike any others out there. Next time you get the chance in your daily student life, I implore you to interact with one of these little weirdos, feed one a french fry, or maybe just peacefully observe one from afar. Just don’t get bit and get rabies, that might get the publication sued.

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