MacBeth to be Performed at Adrian’s Downs Hall Theater

Downs Hall opens up April 6, 2022 for audiences to see a performance of Shakespeare’s MacBeth at 7:30p.m. The cast is excited to show off their hard work in preparing the play. Especially the combat scenes which they had the most fun in preparing.

A bit of a recap if you don’t remember what happens in the play. Although it takes place in a more contemporary setting rather than the 11th century, the play still follows the MacBeth’s as they do everything to gain power. At the start of the play MacBeth is a Scottish general who is told in a prophecy that he will become king but his children will not. Encouraged by Lady MacBeth, he does murderous crimes to gain and stay in power. In the end karma does come back to bite him. 

The show takes place in Down Hall, which will be rearranged to be a theater in the round. The audience will be able to watch the performance from all sides as if the stage was an arena. This will be an interesting show as a theater in the round isn’t that common of a set up and everything can be seen. Although acting on a stage like that can be challenging, the most challenging part for the cast was the language. 

We all know that reading Shakespeare isn’t the easiest thing, let alone memorizing it and performing it. To get around that problem, the cast took the first few days reading through it and understanding the meanings of the words and what they were saying. That way it is easier for them to perform it. After all, when you understand something you do better at it.

Another slight issue was the length of the play. After all, MacBeth is about a three hour long play. While talking to Dr. Annissa Morgensen-Lindsay, she stated that most people wouldn’t be able to sit through that, so she cut it down to about an hour and a half. To do that she said, “I compacted characters, I cut out some of the references we wouldn’t necessarily understand today… I didn’t rewrite any of it, it is still Shakespeare’s, I just compacted it, and pulled it down.” 

MacBeth being MacBeth, it is a very bloody and graphic play, but the cast members are perfectly safe even if some of it looks real. Director Morgensen-Lindsay is excited to see the audience’s reaction and response to this portrayal of Shakespeare’s MacBeth. If you would like to go see it, performances are April 6-8, 2022 at 7:30p.m. and April 9, 2022 at 2p.m. Tickets, $10 each, can be purchased either at the door or by emailing


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