Olympic Games Beijing 2022

The Winter Olympic Games of 2022 officially kicked off at 7 a.m. (EST)  Feb 4. Located in Beijing China, there are 91 nations attending the games. Of those nations 2,871 athletes are participating. The games last from Friday Feb 4 to Sunday Feb 20, 2022. It is live to watch on the NBC network, USA network, and Peacock streaming service. Replays are also available on these sights. 

Out of the people asked on campus, 50% of students stated that they watched the Olympics. From that group, the two most watched sports were luge and hockey, and the two most watched teams being the USA and Canada. When asked, Cam Reed said that “Well I definitely have to cheer for my home country Canada.” In a lighthearted joking tone he followed up with “I know the Americans are gonna hate me for saying that.” It just goes to show that everyone is in good spirits about these games even if you’re rooting for another country.

Multiple of the students expressed their joy with USA athlete Nick Baumgartner, age 40, who is from Iron River, a city located in the upper peninsula of Michigan. He competed in Men’s Snowboard Cross, winning a gold medal for team USA. Baumgartner began snowboarding in highschool at age 15, and later on whent to win gold in snowboard cross at the 2011 Winter X Games in Aspen, CO. More information about Baumgartner can be found at Olympics.com under the athletes tab.

As of the last ceremony day to wrap up the Olympics, the USA is ranked fifth with eight gold medals, ten silver medals and seven bronze medals. Canada is ranked forth with four gold medals, eight silver medals, and 14 bronze medals. With the USA totaling 25 medals and Canada totaling 26 medals, it can be said that it was a good wrap up for the teams.


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