Monique Wells Scheduled to be Keynote Speaker at Adrian College Women’s Diversity Day

The Women’s Diversity Day is an annual event held by Adrian College where women from all backgrounds are celebrated for their accomplishments as well as their trailblazing. A crucial key part of this day for the college is the talk that is given, and this year Adrian is proud to announce that Monique Wells will be their keynote speaker. 

Wells is the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at DTE Energy Company in Detroit. Wells also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering as well as a Masters in Career and Technical Education. It is through this combined passion for STEM and education that has made her an impactful leader. 

“Equity and inclusion came from that [education], I want people to understand how transformational education can be.” Wells said. 

It is the role of a teacher that she cites as being the best experience that prepared her to take on her current role at DTE. Wells said that her time as an educator was spent supporting and “exposing people to a whole new world.” That is why she is one of the biggest supporters of accessible STEM education. 

Wells said, “As a teacher, I have the responsibility to reach out to students and bring them along. I have to be versatile.” Her versatility is something that directly transfers to her current position.

As the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Wells focusses on DTE’s creation of a workplace where everyone is valued. Although every day is different for Wells, her role comes down to conversation. 

“My role is to provide a set of perspectives to allow the organization to better meet their people goals.” She goes on to say that “these processes of conversations help us build stronger bridges in the company as a whole.” Any great educator believes it is about listening to what individuals feel and think that helps provide solutions and create stronger relationships. 

Wells believes that the role of  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion not just at DTE but on a more global scale is headed in the right direction. She also said that “I want to see a symbiotic relationship between companies who realize their importance with people who realize their importance. I would love to see us leaning in together to work in a professional relationship to solve the big world problems.” 

Wells stated that through all of her time spent as an educator and now for her directorial role it has been her faith, husband, and four children that have guided and supported her through everything. 

You can see Wells give her presentation, “Power Thoughts-Inspired Into Being,” for Women’s Diversity Day on Mar.16 at noon in Jones 110.

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