Womens’ Formal Recruitment on Adrian College’s Campus

By: Francesca Maccani

Flashing back to early fall semester, a group of young women were lined up on the Caine’s Student Center Terrace. These girls were all brandishing zip-ups hiding a shirt of an organization they would soon belong to. This was Adrian College’s Sororities Bid Day 2021. Formal Recruitment for sororities on Adrian’s campus usually takes place for two weekends while this was the first year everything would take place in a single weekend. 

Women’s Formal Recruitment began the afternoon of Friday Sep.10, where groups of five to seven girls would hop on zoom calls to talk to sorority sisters. Round one recruitment would take the girls to all sororities on campus which are Alpha Phi, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chi Omega, and Delta Nu Kappa. The prospective women would get to talk one on one with one of the sisters in that chapter’s zoom call. The women going through and the sororities themselves then ranked each other once Round one ended. By the beginning of Round two, the girls going through were invited back to talk to two to three sororities. In the original schedule that Adrian College was on, everything would start again the following Friday. Except this year, all the sororities’ girls were expected to be ready to talk to the girls for Round two at 9 A.M the following day. This time around each girl had half an hour with their remaining sororities. 

The following night would be pref night which is when your final one or two sororities invite you to a special party. This year pref was just that evening in person after the morning rounds online. That night, each chapter usually performs a ceremony and gets to know the girls more personally due to the lesser amount. Pref night was also the first event of recruitment to be in person and sisters and the girls alike were excited and nervous. After Pref night comes to the final rankings from the girls and the chapters. Girls made one sorority their top, and the sorority went through each girl ranking from the ones they wanted the most to the ones they were not sure would want them. The following day is considered the most coveted of formal recruitment Bid Day. 

Bid Day is the day every chapter of a sorority comes dressed in a theme that was picked out the semester prior. The themes displayed this year were country and cowgirls by Alpha Phi, Barbie by Alpha Sigma Alpha, I love Chio by Chi Omega, and Alice in Wonderland by Delta Nu Kappa. Alpha Phi rolled up to the front Caine terrace decked in cowgirl attire with a rolling speaker blasting iconic country music like Carrie Underwood. Senior Laurel Hamis of Alpha Phi took their theme even a step further by running out in an inflated cow costume.  While the sisters of Alpha Sigma Alpha came dressed up as every kind of barbie imaginable- fairies, doctors, and athletes. The women of Chi Omega came sporting all kinds of hearts showing their love for their chapter. Delta Nu Kappa came dressed in Alice in Wonderland accessories. While the sororities were grouped at the front of the terrace, the new girls went one by one announcing their name and what chapter they would belong to before unzipping their jacket to reveal their shirt. Once the girls’ shirt was revealed, their new chapters rushed them with hugs and affection. Rogue Crowe, a sophomore who rushed this semester, described the experience as “The most physical love and affection I have felt in a long time.” 


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