How the AC Alert System Keeps the Campus Safe

Written By: Karlie Acord

Although Adrian College is a small campus, there is a large student body that is always scattered across the multiple facilities. In order to keep everyone safe, the college implemented the AC Alert system in October  2013. Since its implementation, the alerts have notified students and faculty of the various situations on campus that have arisen. However, in light of a recent false active shooter report on campus the night of Oct. 14th, questions have been brought up about exactly how the AC Alert system works. 

Wade Beitelschies, the Director of Campus Safety at Adrian College, gave insight into how the subscription software alert system can be activated to keep everyone informed as well as safe. Beitelschies said, “When an emergency is reported and the incident verified, the Adrian College Campus Safety Shift Supervisor is the primary person with the authority to send messages.” However, alerts can also be authorized by anyone on the Campus Safety Command staff or the Public Relations Department. 

When deciding to send out an alert of any threat, including those related to weather, fire, hazardous spill, or active shooter, Beitelschies gave insight into the decision-making process that occurs when alerting the campus. Beitelschies said, “The decision to issue an alert is based on several factors. Information provided by witnesses, first responders, and others directly familiar with the circumstances.” They take all information into account, being able to have the best understanding of any situation before sending out an alert about the threat or situation occurring. 

Beitelschies clarified how verification of a threat with only the best information helps him and the rest of Campus Safety keep our campus safe. 

With how connected the student body is via social media, it is easy to understand how fast information, as well as rumors, can spread something that Campus Safety is actively aware of.  When it comes to what is being said or heard in the Adrian College community, Beitelschies shared that they frequently monitor all public safety topics found on social media and the ones called into the Campus Safety office. 

Ultimately the AC Alerts act as a tool to alert the students and faculty as quickly as possible about any threat that may arise. Making for a safe and informed campus, the alerts, as Beitelschies shared, “Provide for a safe campus and taking necessary steps to mitigate the emergency will always be the top priority.”


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