Editor’s Guide to Surviving the Darker Months 

Written By: Karlie Acord and Helena Mazzarella 

As we transition into the damp, dark months of the year, we simultaneously transition into seasonal habits. With less sunlight, the fall and winter months cloud people’s desires to face the harsh elements. With these darker and colder days, we sink into hibernated states. According to Psychology Today, an average of 10 million Americans will feel the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder— depression associated with lack of sun during the late fall and winter. So, we have created a list of seven ways to help combat the cold temperatures and bleak feelings. 

  • The Student Health Services Resources

Most importantly, to hack the darker months, consider taking advantage of the resources provided by the Student Health Center. There you can find various counseling and student support services as well as an innovative aid to the lack of sunlight during this time of year. The Health Center has a UV lamp that mimics natural sunlight by emitting UVA and UVB rays. So, if you are feeling like you need some sun in your life, turning to the Student Health Center is the brightest option. 

  • Carpenter Farms and Pumpkin Smashing 

Less than 10 minutes away is an exciting and aesthetically pleasing off-campus option for some fall fun. At Carpenter Farms, you can buy pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, see adorably cute farm animals for the serotonin boost and get lost in a corn maze. If you’re still feeling down, many take their anger out by smashing pumpkins in the CVS parking lot.

Smashed pumpkins in the CVS Apartment parking lot
  • Adrian College Fall and Winter Sports 

A home Football game at Docking Stadium is a classic fall activity. Along with Football, Adrian’s men’s and women’s Rugby teams are in their inaugural season— attending matches of these teams is an exciting activity as well as one to support your peers!

  • Bask in an Oversized Sweatshirt

Caught a chill rolling out of bed for class on a crisp fall morning? An oversized sweatshirt (or two) is a cold-weather essential! So, layer up and make your way to the Arrington Bookstore to show your school spirit in the warmest and most comfortable way possible. 

  • A Cozy Air Freshener 

Invest in a wall-mounted air freshener. It gives your bedroom the cinnamon apple aroma that a candle does— without the risk of setting your entire dorm on fire. 

  • Coffee For the Soul 

To curb your caffeine addiction, take advantage of our own personal Starbucks, the Bulldog Beanery, to enjoy the classic fall coffee flavors. However, if you have already run out of Bulldog Bucks, try either Copperhouse Coffee or The Buzz for a delightful drink and warm ambiance. 

  • Campfires in Front of Caine 

One drastically underutilized resource is the fire pits out in front of Caine. The fires are perfectly situated to guard you against the wind while still allowing for large groups of friends to gather, enjoy the warmth and relish in a gooey S’more. 

Although the seasons are changing, Adrian College offers a wide variety of resources to battle the dismal emotions that the dark months bring. Like a warm cup of coffee, we hope you find comfort in our fall and winter preferences.

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