Adrian College Has A Healthy Start to the Semester

Written By: Catherine Weddle

Nearly two years ago, students and faculty of Adrian College were given the news that COVID-19 wasn’t just a rumor. Classes were moved online indefinitely, and it seemed no one had any real answers to when life would be normal again. Although struggles and losses of COVID-19 still surround the world, the Adrian College 2021-2022 Academic School year has started with a sense of normalcy. 

As of Oct. 18 there have been 34 positive COVID-19 cases on campus this semester. These numbers are significantly less than reports sent out to students a year ago showing 268 positive cases. With the numbers dropping, the campus has been able to proceed with usual activities. 

College campus COVID-19 number reports are at the mercy of whether students choose to report their positive tests to the health clinics, so numbers can not be completely confirmed. However, Adrian’s numbers still give hope to members of the Adrian Community. According to the Siena Safe Campus Plan, Siena Heights University has reported 47 Positive COVID-19 cases this semester, which is not much more than Adrian. A year ago, Lenawee County was hit with high COVID-19 rates when students moved back to campus, but this year seems to be different. 

Last year, online instruction was the reality for most classes, whether that be for personal or mandatory reasons. However, students moved back to school this semester with the hopes of maintaining in-person class instruction, and Adrian College has been able to provide that. Adrian College senior, Samantha Mohn, says she is grateful to be back to class in-person. 

“Online learning was never my thing,” Mohn said. “Although professors did their best to proceed with instruction online, nothing compares to having actual face to face discussions.”

Classes are not the only thing that have created a more normal college experience for students this semester. Athletics at Adrian have been in full force. Crowds of fans are now able to fill the stands to support their favorite bulldogs. Homecoming activities allowed students, families and alumni to come back together after a hiatus of the event. Small victories were also celebrated this semester, including new programs such as Men’s and Women’s rugby, who have been able to kick off their seasons with no interruption, something that was unsure at the start of the semester. 

To ensure each athlete is safe, tests have been conducted on-campus regularly. As of Oct. 18 3,097 rapid antigens tests have been taken by student-athletes. COVID-19 tests will continue to be distributed to athletes, which will allow positive cases to be monitored and contained appropriately.

For students not yet vaccinated, vaccination clinics are available on the campus of Adrian. The next clinic will take place on Nov. 4 from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm in the blue gym of the Merillat Fitness Center. To register, call the Student Health Center at 517.265.5161, or email at 


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