Student Government Association Spotlight

Written by Matthew Kibby

Where does the money go? Your money goes to a lot of places every semester when you get that tuition bill, you may not know exactly what it means. Some of the places your money goes are self-explanatory, but for some of it, you have to dig a little deeper in order to know exactly what is done. One of the charges you see year after year is your student activity fee. This fee is broken down in three different ways. Part of it goes to FinCom which is the budget that helps organizations plan trips and events when they may not have all the resources. Some goes to Campus Activities Network who is incharge of planning a lot of the student activities events you see! The rest of the money goes to the Student Government Association which is what I get to lead, we also are the ones who make sure the pizza truck is at all the food truck events! 

As the Student Body President, I get a chance to help lead the decisions made with this money. Student Government Association consists of over forty students ranging from freshman to seniors. We are in charge of putting on social events, making capital improvements to the campus, and representing the student body where needed. 

SGA is the foundation of my positive experience  of my time here at Adrian College. I have built a multitude of friendships and professional relationships because of the time I have spent working with the SGA community. 

I have always encouraged students to make sure their voices are heard. It is important for students to stay informed of what is happening on campus, SGA provides that in more ways than one. We are often the first place faculty and staff go in order to gauge student opinions, additionally we are also the first to implement new ideas and see them come to fruition. 

SGA’s influence can be seen all around campus, a prime example being the new furniture on Caine. We were responsible for the replacement of all of the Caine furniture last year, something our whole organization was proud of. 

SGA still has a lot more work to do going into this year. We have plans to add more events for students. We know how much everyone likes the food trucks and personally, my favorite has to be the wood fire pizza, it is delicious. We also want to make some more capital improvements to the campus, such as fixing the stone path in front of Caine, adding more study areas on campus and even plans to give even more prizes away to students. 

SGA did not always look the way it does now, for the past few years to be completely honest it was downhill, there was not a lot of participation and the money that students paid was never really seen by the students. It truly took a great team to make the turn that we have seen. Since taking over as Student Body President we have been able to see nearly a sixty percent increase in attendance, and we have spent more money on the students than the last 5 years combined. I could not do this without the incredible team that has been in my corner. This comes down to my executive trio members and all of our general body members, because of their hard work and dedication we have successfully put SGA back on the map of Adrian College. Serving as the Student Body President has been one of my greatest honors and privileges. I encourage anyone who wants to be a part of SGA to reach out via email at and get more information!    


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