Adrian College Television Becomes Prime Source of Adrian Athletics

As Covid-19 paused the world from enjoying our favorite pass times, media coverage and streaming applications became our main source of entertainment. As states slowly opened restaurants and stores, sporting events were still not allowed to have a live audience. As collegiate sports began to start up, Adrian Athletic fans were presented with the sad news that they would not be able to attend Adrian College sporting events in person. When news broke, Adrian College felt obligated to still bring access to Adrian Athletics to viewers at home.

Adrian College TV, associated with the Adrian College Sports Network is the streaming service of Adrian College. Adrian College TV streams live coverage of all Adrian College Athletics that happen on campus. ACTV is streamed on Youtube for free as well as on WVAC 107.9, Adrian College’s radio station. ACTV is produced by student workers who have the option to get hands-on experience in the world of sports broadcasting. From announcing a variety of sports, to working cameras, to being director of a live stream. Director of Media Production Services, Jay Hannah filled in the Director position at ACTV in early December. Jay shared his thoughts and comments about ACTV’s role during this pandemic, and his time here so far. 

“When I got the position, I knew there was a lot to be done. I received the “crash course” of what ACTV is and the role it plays. With Gabe [Former ACTV Director Gabriel Schray]  leaving ACTV on a great roll, I felt obligated to continue that,” stated Jay. Jay continued, “With the world being in a time where we can’t watch sporting events live, I knew the services of ACTV would be at a high demand.”. “First, I had to create a foundation for leadership. As students grew comfortable and gained trust, we really got things going,” Hannah explained. “Next, was taking care of the safety protocols that need to be put in place. All crew members are required to wear a mask, with expectation of being maskless on camera. Crew members were also required to complete a “Covid-19 Symptoms Check” on MI Symptoms before being allowed to work,” Hannah described. 

“Our workers are some an amazing group of young adults I have been able to work with. My mission is not to better myself as a sports broadcaster, My mission to put these young leaders on the path to success to better them for their future careers,” Jay explained with gratitude. Hannah went on to explain that ACTV made it their goal to be able to stream every home sporting event live that happens on campus. On average ACTV streams 15-17 streams a week, Jay claimed “We as a whole take pride in every single stream we produce. I can proudly announce that we never missed one schedule stream. Even when the week was jammed packed, these students stepped up and I couldn’t be more proud. I couldn’t do anything without the great work I have,” Jay stated. 

“The Adrian Community and fan base have expressed high appreciation for the work these students do. We receive comments from viewers on YouTube, thanking us for our productions. We have received letters from administrators telling us how proud they are of ACTV and the students and those comments and recognition makes this all worth it,” Hannah expressed.  “ACTV has reached 5,000 subscribers on YouTube, we also reached 1 million total viewers. ACTV has helped share awareness of Adrian College, being able to expose the college to potential students can help increase the number of incoming students. As well as show what Adrian College has to offer. We [ACTV] offer the closest to a real world experience you can get at a small college,” Jay concluded. 


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