Tea Time: Senior Graduation

Written by Kaitlin Parisi

The water is hot and the tea is brewing. Here is some spice and everything not so nice about a COVID-19 graduation. 

In the past few days gossip has been spreading like wildfire about graduation. What is true and what is just a rumor? Recently, many credible sources have stated that graduation will take place at Docking Stadium and there will be a four ticket limit. This applies to both the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021. Students and families were shocked to hear that the ticket limit is four people, as they thought it would originally be two. Understandably, seniors and their families want this to be officially announced and are curious as to why they have not heard any information about the upcoming weekend. 

It is going to be a busy weekend that is for sure: Friday April 30th is the Honors Ceremony, time and place TBD, Saturday, May 1st, will be the Class of 2020 graduation ceremony and Sunday, May 2nd, will be the Class of 2021 graduation ceremony along with those who graduated in December 2020. 

Temperatures rise as seniors have not heard anything since February besides a memo regarding information about the day of graduation. Many are concerned about the ticket limit, if it is true. A majority of individuals have already made reservations for the weekend of graduation as there are limited locations in the city of Adrian to accommodate those out-of-state guests. Additionally, those who want to spend a few extra days before or after graduation will face added complications. 

Along with that, The City of Adrian will be packed come the week of April 26th, as stated above it will not only be one class graduating, but two classes of about 300+ students. That is if the majority of the Class of 2020 decides to put their new lives on hold to come back to their alma mater to have the opportunity and well deserved walk across the stage. 

The real question is what is the truth about graduation, what is just a rumor, and why have seniors been left in the dark? In other news, seniors were contacted about getting their professional headshots taken since the grad fair was not in person this year. As far as I have heard, those will be held March 30th and 31st, time and place TBD. This has only been communicated to the senior class representatives and not to the senior class as a whole. 

Though my tea has begun to cool, the chaos surrounding graduation still remains hot.

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