Women’s Diversity Day

Written by: Catherine Weddle

This March is Women’s History Month, and organizations all over the countries are celebrating the accomplishments of women in their own way. Fortunately, Adrian College is included in these celebrations. The Women and Gender Studies Program at Adrian College hosted a Women’s Diversity Day event this week that was available for all students. 

The documentary film, Represent, was made available to students throughout the week. The film follows the story of  three women from the Midwest reshaping the political system in their local governments. 

After the film was made available to students, a live virtual discussion was held on Wednesday, March 10th. Students had the opportunity to speak virtually with the film’s director, Hillary Bachelder, and a candidate in the film, Bryn Bird. The open discussion allowed those who attended the chance to ask more in-depth questions about the film and candidates.

According to Scott Elliot, a professor involved in The Women and Gender Studies Program, the documentary highlighted the valuable work women do in politics and the arts, and the sexism each woman experienced.  

“The conversation with Hillary and Bryn was very engaging and thought-provoking,” Elliot said. “It reflected the sort of ‘thinking critically’ and ‘caring for humanity and the world’ championed by the college’s Ribbons of Excellence and the humanities.”  


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