AC New Club Alert: Random Acts of Kindness

Spring semester at Adrian College has brought it’s students many things like a snowman contest and spring sports. Yet, one thing it has also brought is a new club called, Adrian College Random Acts of Kindness Club (AC-RAK). This club was founded by sophomore, Maria Cuccia, and junior, Kaitlynn Pawlak. RAK was founded in a time of need, during the pandemic. Cuccia said, “We found it important to spread kindness and happiness to both friends and strangers.”

How does this club work? You may ask.

“Basically how it will work is a member of RAK will DM us (on instagram) a picture or a video of them doing their random act of kindness,” said Cuccia, “We will post it to our account for all members to see. At the end of each month there will be a drawing for one student to be RAK student of the month. This certificate will stand out to employers on a resume and a great talking point in an interview.”

Anyone can be a member of RAK, they encourage everyone to participate formally as a member or informally just as a student wanting to spread kindness. There is no catch to participating and there is no requirement to enact in performing nice gestures for others.

“You don’t have to spend money to participate. For example, you could help a neighbor shovel their driveway or leave motivational messages in dorm bathrooms. Others also may pay for the person behind them in a drive thru,” said Cuccia.

Why join AC’s RAK club?

“The most rewarding part is simply putting smiles on people’s faces during COVID and the rest of the year,” said Cuccia, “The impact of a smile could move mountains to someone who is going through a tough time. My hope is to eventually go into the community of Adrian and volunteer around the city. Of course this would be after COVID when we are able to do so. There is tremendous potential to make this a huge club on campus, a club where anyone who wants to can be a part of!”

The RAK club sprang its roots just this semester as they (Cuccia and PAwlak) were presented the idea. The club may have started recently but they have wasted no time on thier Instagram page. They post weekly inspirational quotes and random acts of kindness that their members have performed. With a two weeks start of an idea, it has already blossomed this spring.

As anyone can join they plan to ask not only all students for participation, they are open to athletic teams as a whole to help participate. Some teams have kept a yearly tradition of Random Acts of Kindness, but Cuccia wants to get more and more involved.

“We would love to reach out to teams and other organizations to make RAK as big as it can be,” said Cuccia.

Want to make someone’s day? Big or small you can send a picture of your random act of kindness to @adriancollegerak , on Instagram to get the word out about spreading kindness.

2 thoughts on “AC New Club Alert: Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Years ago, I have read about how random act of kindness is so valuable and it’s something anybody can do… so, it’s great more people have jumped on the bandwagon.. especially during times of COVID. Have a great day! 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻


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