Attack the Mack

Written by: Jayme Hein, Staff Writer

For what has been close to a year, students are struggling to get back into their
routines, and keep themselves motivated and energized, with the winter time not
making it any easier. The doom and gloom of the early sunset and the cold
temperatures truly causes students to want to spend most of their time all cozy in bed.
Luckily, The Institute for Sports Medicine is aware of the tough times that have been
surrounding us lately, and created the challenge “Attack the Mack, a fitness challenge
that takes place through the month of February on campus, where students, staff, and
faculty are determined to walk 10,000 steps each day for a chance to win a $10 Chipotle
gift card!
A one-time winner, Blair Briggs says, “This challenge is keeping me aware of my step
count during the day, and motivates me to do more steps, and gives me a realistic goal
everyday.” Joining the challenge is a great way to keep college students feeling healthy
and full of determination during the global pandemic. Not only does this help students
feel stronger during the uncertain times that the world is settled in right now, but
according to Dr. Erin Burkholder, director of the Institute for Sports Medicine, “exercising
for 30 minutes most days of the week, and possibly taking 10,000 steps a day can
reduce your risk for several diseases like heart disease and diabetes. It can also help
individuals with high blood pressure or cholesterol, or even those who are overweight
or obese, reduce their numbers and reduce their weight, which inevitably helps them
stay healthier for a longer period of time.” Burkholder also talks about how staying
active may give students relief from the everyday struggles they face such as stress,
anxiety or any other health problems.
As Adrian College students, we have all heard about the Bulldog Mile, and Briggs
knows this mile very well! It is a great way to accomplish the goal of “Attack the Mack.”
A three-time winner, Alex Tobler shares that she achieves her 10,000 steps by walking
everywhere she goes on campus, as well as working out at the Merillat Fitness Center
at the end of her busy day. Tobler says, “I think this is a great thing for college students
to participate in as it keeps them motivated to earn their 10,000 steps and stay active
everyday. It also is a fun and friendly competition to get everyone on campus involved
with becoming healthier!” Attack the Mack has been very beneficial to students across
campus, by maintaining health and creating a fun competition between the Adrian
College population!
Burkholder states, “I think it’s a fun way to get the campus involved in staying healthy or
starting a fitness journey. Most times, our New Year’s Resolutions involve getting into
shape, so I think this is a perfect way to start the new year off right, especially when it’s
0 degrees outside and we don’t feel like it all of the time. Before anyone considers

making exercise a part of their lifestyle, it’s best to consult with a physician and/or get a
physical so that they know they’re healthy enough to participate!”
If you are interested in joining the “Attack the Mack challenge,” all you need to do is
share a picture on social media of your activity for the day. This can be using things like
smartwatches or apps on your phone. Make sure that your profile is public so that the
post can be viewed, and use #AttacktheMack. Keep an eye out for more fitness
challenges from the Institute for Sports Medicine throughout the year!

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