2021’s Mr. Alpha Phi

Mr. Alpha Phi was held by the sorority Alpha Phi on Adrian College campus virtually on February 17. Alpha Phi hosts the pageant event for men on campus every year for their philanthropy that supports and donates money to women’s heart health. This event was the main focus of the week, with the selling of carnations to people who live on campus capping it. 

This year, the 18 contestants from AC were recorded prior to the event with COVID-19 restrictions. With the event being online, there were a lot of spectators.The sections of the pageant were divided into groups. Formal wear was the first, where each contestant had to walk across the stage to their chosen walk-up song. The second was a questionnaire featuring two questions. The first was relating to heart health, “What is your advice to stay heart healthy?” The second was any random question. The third and final round was talent. These talents ranged from juggling, playing the piano, bouncing a tennis ball on a racket, to smashing fruit between their legs. The judges of the event took into consideration all three categories or the competition in order to determine who Mr. Alpha Phi was. 

The second runner up for the pageant was Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member Sam Williams, the first runner up was Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity member Nolan Briggs. The winner of the entire pageant who got to take home the title of Mr. Alpha Phi was Sigma Alpha Epsilon member Macgregor Adams. The judges of the pageant even threw in a new category called Mr. Congeniality. This title went to Timothy Bilen who rapped for his talent. 

Madeleine Shelton, who is Alpha Phi’s Vice President of Health, Wellness, and Accountability, Laurel Hammis, who is Director of Philanthropy, and Chloe Winkelman put Mr. Alpha Phi on as well as all of the other events that happened during the sororities heart health week. One of the events that was for members was yoga, where girls participated in an online session from their dorms or apartment rooms. Together, the sorority raised $1,000 for the Alpha Phi Foundation supporting women’s heart health. Since the event was online and recorded prior to the actual event, it is on YouTube for anyone to watch. So, if you missed the event and want to see the pageantries unfold, you can click the link below and experience it for yourself.  

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