Views on the Mall: The Riot at the Capitol

Written by: Abigail Wise and Helena Mazzarella

On the evening of January 6, citizens of the United States violently attacked the Capitol building in response to the 2020 election results. We asked students on campus their thoughts about this recent historic event. 

“It was ridiculous. I don’t know, I know that I don’t agree with anything that happened that day. Not justified.” Hollie Kien, Senior

“My thoughts on the event was that it was absurd and very juvenile. However, it brought up a lot of issues that we have been dealing with such as gun control. It was an example of how we really need to evaluate how we act.” Jenna Bratke, Junior

“I thought it was un-American, and downright disrespectful.” Jennifer Key, Junior

“I believe that the domestic terrorist attacks at The Capitol were a heart-breaking, eye-opening moment in our country. It’s unfortunate to see so many people disrupt such a celebratory and pivotal event in history. However, it just showcases how much more work our country has to do to unite as one.” Tara Tahil, Senior

“Before acting, people should think about the consequences of their actions and how those consequences will affect others.” Anne-Claude Champagne, Senior

“I think there was no reason for it to happen, and people need to think about what they say before they say it because you can’t just toss words around. You need to actually say what you mean, and if you meant it, that is very sad.” Elizabeth Hume, Junior

“I thought it was sad but very typical of Americans, because nobody in this country can handle a loss.” Mckenna Moosekian, Junior

“I think the riot at the capital will completely setback the Republican party for the next decade. What they did was completely contradictory to what they were trying to implement. I understand that they are upset, but under no circumstances was that acceptable.” Conner Wise, Junior

“I feel that the terrorist attacks on the capital were exactly that— terrorist attacks. They were not a representation of who we are as a country. They put lives at risk and attempted to overthrow the democracy that this country is built upon.” Ally Morin-Viall, Senior

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