Letter to a Loved One

Written by: Helena Mazzarella

Dear Jessie and Levia,

Being seven-thousand miles apart is not easy. Sometimes I wish time would just stop, and we didn’t have to grow up. I want to be stuck on a bright summer day, singing songs by Avril Lavigne in Levia’s open-door Jeep. I want to be stuck in line at Dunkin’, grabbing some much-needed caffeine before practice. I want to be stuck in the car on our way to some competition mid snowstorm. I want to be with you. While I can wish all I want, I know my wish can never come true— time goes on.

The thing about family, though, is even when you may not physically be together, you will always have each other. People have always asked me why I do not mind being an only child. They assume it is boring or that I get lonely. They do not understand that I feel no absence in my life— I have you. Thank you for being the sisters I never had.

Thirteen years ago, my life changed forever. At the time, I did not know walking into Thomas Creek Ice Arena would bring me so much joy. I went in looking to learn how to skate and be part of a team. Quickly, you both became more than teammates.

As the years went on and we got older, our friendship evolved. When we were younger, friendship was simply going to the mall with your “besties,” buying matching sweaters from Forever 21. You both taught me what true friendship really is. Friendship is about love, support, and loyalty. Friendship is coming together, celebrating moments of excitement, as much as it is coming together to console one other during the toughest of times.

We celebrated birthdays gathered around the dinner table watching “Chef Gene” cook a delicious, authentic Chinese dinner. Months later, around that same table, tears ran down our cheeks as we ate our last meal together before I left for my first year of college. Leaving for the second year might not have warranted the same amount of tears, however, it definitely did not get any easier.

As hard as it is to be away from both of you, that sadness goes to show how much of an impact you have had in my life. I will forever cherish the countless memories, laughs, and adventures we have shared. I love you both with all my heart and look forward to many more years of friendship.

Much love, Helena

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