Growth Mindset Webinar

Written by: Jalyn DeForest, Life Editor

The Institute for Education put on a free virtual webinar on having a Growth Mindset on February 3rd. The presenter for this webinar was Ms. Janna Peskett. She is an Education Consultant for Mindset Works. The Mindset Webinar was a two hour, interactive professional learning webinar designed to give you an overview of Growth Mindset. The online pamphlet described that you will, “walk away with strategies for developing a growth mindset in yourself and others, and use your knowledge to increase learning outcomes and improve lives.”

Within the Growth Mindset there are many points of takeaway. One point made was that you could be held back from learning if you have a fixed mindset. The webinar focused on addressing a “fixed” vs “growth” mindset. A person with a fixed mindset might believe that intelligence can’t be increased no matter what, this person will avoid challenges and act helpless when it comes to their own life and experiences. A person with a growth mindset believes that improvement is necessary, will seek out challenges and doesn’t believe in the need to be completely “perfect”. Now, it is not that you are either one person or the other and that it is more of a spectrum and it may depend on the day for you whether you’re more fixed or more growth.

Peskett mentioned that there are many things that you could benefit from having a Growth Mindset. A few being an understanding that intelligence can be developed and that a growth mindset can lead to increased motivation and achievement. Mindsets can also be changed, research has been completed to prove that this is true.

Bailey Bennett, senior Teacher Education major, attended and took away many great points from the Growth Mindset webinar. 

“To increase a growth mindset in yourself or others you have to focus on giving a process of praise, or praise for effort vs. intelligence,” said Bennett,  “When you do this, it changes the mindset of needing to be “smart”. By praising work ethic it encourages people/students to take challenges, by praising intelligence they may shy away from challenges in case they fail and look dumb.”

A quote used by Peskett during the webinar was, “Failure is learning in disguise.”

“I walked away from the webinar with more knowledge than I thought I could,” said Bennett, “In an education setting I can understand why using and learning of growth mindset would be useful. Since I have been observing in the classroom I can see and now extend my knowledge of different types of mindsets to my students.”

“Just because you have to work really hard at something or it doesn’t come easy to you, does not mean that you or dumb or incapable, it just means that subject/task is really hard,” said Peskett.

The Growth Mindset allows teachers to understand their role in student’s mindsets. Teachers have a huge impact on their students in an educational sense as well as how they think and grow.

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