AC Alum Returns to Adrian For Digital Media Position

Written By: Karlie Acord

With the start of a new year comes many new opportunities, something that 2014 alum Claire Simpson knows all too well.

In January, Simpson became the new coordinator for the Digital Media department.

It’s a position she is “very excited” to pursue, because it will allow her to connect with past, current, and future students. 

Returning to her alma mater was an “a-ha” moment for Simpson—a full-circle experience.

Simpson said “I realized that my office would be the very same office where I had my first student worker position. I worked in the Sports Information department and spent a lot of time inputting and digitizing old archives.”

While at AC, Simpson studied communications and journalism, and said she found strong mentorship in Professor Renee Collins and Dr. Steve Shehan. She credits the comm department for allowing her to find her inspiration and passion for media. 

 “The Comm Department gave me the passion that I was looking for in my life,” she said.

“I will always be thankful that I had that kind of support behind me.”

Since she left AC with her degree, Simpson said digital media has changed a lot and that means she’ll be able to work with AC on incorporating these changes into various platforms.

“When I graduated from Adrian College, I think Instagram had been around for only a couple of years,” she said. “I think my first post was in 2012.”  I remember Renee Collins was really enforcing us as journalists to utilize Twitter to get our stories across; that was really just the start of digital media.”

Simpson said she is excited to really use social media as a way to engage with prospective students, especially through platforms like TikTok which is popular among younger generations. She said it is her goal to be “as innovative as ever” to reach prospective students. 

She said she is ready to tackle this position head-on and is really looking forward to this position helping her grow in her profession. She also has so many interests that “between academics, organizations, and athletics,” it keeps her interested and motivated. 

“Things are ever changing and won’t ever be stagnant” Simpson said. 

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