Alumni Update: Emily Little and Tess Horowitz

In the spring of 2020, College World executive editor Tess Horowitz and News editor Emily Little graduated from Adrian College. Each went on their respective paths to start a career and enhance their education. When the College World reached out to them to reflect on their time at Adrian, they realized how much they cherished their time, education, and comradery on campus. 

Emily Little, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in journalism at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern, reports on events specializing in health, science, and the environment. Recently, she has been covering the city of Chicago’s clean energy transition and the intersection of science and communities as an editorial fellow with Northwestern’s graduate news service, Medill Reports

Photo Credit: Grace Rogers

“Adrian made me a versatile journalist and helped me prepare for any kind of story,” says Little. “I was assigned every type of story one could think of, and I always went into it eager to learn. I learned how to interview, what makes a good story, and the importance of very careful editing. Adrian let me combine my love of science and writing so I could discover my role as an environmental reporter.”

After graduating from the Medill School of Journalism, Emily hopes to use her education to land a role in a nationally renowned magazine and/or newspaper covering environmental issues, specifically clean energy. 

Meanwhile, Tess Horowitz, former College World executive editor, has been using her skills acquired at Adrian to work her way up the ranks at Home Depot, where she is currently working as a front end supervisor. 

Photo Credit: Tess Horowitz

“Being at Adrian, I learned a lot about leadership and all the skills it takes to be a leader,” says Horowitz. “My involvement in Delta Nu Kappa, the marching band, and the College World opened the door for my leadership skills. Now, I’m putting them to the test. Working retail has allowed me to understand how important it is to care for humanity. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad day, or the customer is having a bad day, the Home Depot company cares about our customers and what we can do to help them.” 

Two people, two different career paths, one holistic education. Even though Horowitz and Little are now working in completely different industries, the skills they both gained at Adrian College, and the College World, helped them be more prepared for the highly intense demands of life after college. This preparation continues today here at Adrian. A well-rounded, liberal arts curriculum helps students be versatile in any career setting they might find themselves in, and, as attested by Little and Horowitz, has propelled them into bigger and brighter futures. 


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