Ritchie Marketplace Returns to Limited In-Person Dining

ADRIAN, MI – On Monday, Feb. 1, Ritchie Marketplace returned to limited seat dining in addition to takeout services. 

According to Nicholas Moorehead, general manager of Sodexo services at Adrian College, Ritchie will have strict guidelines in place for students interested in seated dining. The dining hall will be limited to 25% capacity with daily temperature screenings. Tables and chairs can not be moved by students from their current locations, since the number of chairs at each table was made to comply with COVID-19 dining restrictions. No more than six people can sit at one table at a time, even if the students reside in the same household. Students are still required to wear masks in Ritchie unless sitting down at their designated table. 

Furthermore, students can not sit at a table that has a red X on it, since that table still needs to be sanitized by the Sodexo staff. Anyone not using their student ID to enter Ritchie will have their information such as name, phone number, and time of entry collected for contact tracing purposes. 

If you’re hoping that WOW Cafe will be open with these new limited dining restrictions, you’ll still need to wait. Moorehead states that WOW Cafe will remain closed until dining capacity limits are completely lifted by the State of Michigan. 

For students who do not yet feel comfortable with indoor dining at Ritchie, takeout options will still be available.


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