Adrian College ACHA D1 Women’s Hockey: First College Sports team to Fly

By: Kirsten Horney

Your Women’s ACHA D1 Hockey team has been lucky enough to gain the opportunity to travel to Minot, North Dakota by plane! The ladies left bright and early the morning of the 14th of January, They made the trip to Dallas, Texas first and as they landed their second flight to North Dakota had been canceled due to weather conditions; the girls brushed it off and patiently waited for the next flight out. Unfortunately, the flight wasn’t until 8:00 pm, ten hours later than originally scheduled. The girls were able to spend the day in the airport following up with missed classes and schoolwork and of course making lifelong memories.  

Through adversity and teamwork, the girls made it through their day and played a fantastic game on Friday the 15th against Minot State University. The girls pulled out a 5-1 victory against the Beavers. Kirsten Horney was first to hit the scoreboard for the Bulldogs with a powerplay goal making the score 1-1 in the second period. Erika McDonald then followed with another goal for the bulldogs putting them at a 2-1 lead. As the Dogs continued to grind out the third-period Huntyr Bosher used her skills and speed and netted 3 goals for the bulldogs making the score 5-1.

 Bosher is a junior here on campus and was ecstatic on her first college career Hat trick. Hard work pays off and these girls definitely deserved the win. Unfortunately on Saturday your dogs fell short on the scoreboard and took the 3-1 loss. The girls headed back to campus on Sunday and are ready for a full work week of school and athletics to be prepared for upcoming games. 

The girls are more than thankful to be able to travel and play the game they love. 2020 was a hard year and especially for athletics. As 2021 approached new opportunities arrived and the athletics side is able to feel a little more normal. The women’s D1 hockey team thanks everyone who made this trip possible. GO DAWGS!

Come out and support the Bulldogs at the Arrington Ice Arena on January 30th and 31st as they take on Liberty University!

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